SAR9 Pistols

SAR9 Gun Series Overview

SAR9 Gun Series Overview

The SAR9 line comes in various sizes and configurations for your needs. Mint Armory offers them all.

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SAR9 Guns from Sarsilmaz aka SAR

SAR9 from SAR USA is a series of pistols that come in different sizes and configurations out of the box. Many can be reconfigured or customized to accommodate advanced users. Mint Armory is an authorized FFL dealer in Texas.

SAR9 Pistol Sizes

SAR9SCBL - SAR9 Subcompact - Black 9mm - 10 round - left

Ideal for everyday carry and concealed carry. It has a barrel length of 3.3″ and total length of 6.4″ without compromising accuracy.


With a barrel length of 4-in, the SAR9 Compact is designed for everyday carry or home protection. It has an overall length of 7.2-in.

SAR9G3BL - SAR9G3BL0 - SAR9 GEN3 Black- 17 round

In contrast, the SAR9 Full-size is a favorite for law enforcement. The 4.4″ barrel and an overall length of 7.5″ allows a full 3-slot picatinny rail.

SAR9SPTBL - SAR9SPTBL10 - SAR9 Sport Black, 9mm - 17, 19 Rounds

The SAR9 Sport was designed for sport shooting. The 5.2″ barrel with overall length of 8.1″ provides supperior accuracy.

SAR 9 Guns: Performance, Comfort, and Reliability

SAR 9 pistols share several common features, including excellent range performance, ergonomic design, and high reliability. They are designed with user comfort in mind, featuring replaceable backstraps and side panels, subtle finger grooves, and a large trigger guard. Additionally, they have a durable steel magazine and an easy-to-use takedown lever for field cleaning.

Commonalities of all SAR 9 Guns

  1. Accurate range performance and easy feeding
  2. Ergonomic design with replaceable backstrap and side panels (S, M, L)
  3. Subtle finger grooves for improved grip and comfort
  4. Large trigger guard for use with gloves
  5. High reliability
  6. Durable steel magazine
  7. Easy-to-use takedown lever for field cleaning