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Concealed Carry SAR9 Subcompact

Concealed Carry SAR9 Subcompact

SAR9 SC – The ideal everyday carry solution you’ve been searching for at a budget-friendly price.

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SAR9 Subcompact Black

Test, test and then test some more.

SAR USA is committed to Excellence

That is why at Mint Armory, we are dedicated to providing exceptional performance and proudly offer the full SAR USA collection. If it’s not in our inventory, chances are you won’t find it anywhere else.

Discover the SAR9 X and experience unparalleled reliability and precision. The SAR9 series is possibly the most rigorously tested firearm on the market today, having been tested under the most diverse conditions.

  • Dry dirt shooting testing: CHECK

  • Hot weather mud testing: CHECK, CHECK

  • Freezing and snow conditions: CHECK, CHECK, CHECK

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The SAR9 Series has four major variations starting with SAR9 SC Subcompact, SAR9 Compact, SAR9 full-size (SAR9, SAR9 METE & SAR9 X) and then the SAR9 Sport. Browse our store for all SAR9 Pistols.

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