SAR9BL – SAR SAR9 BLACK Body, BLACK Slide, 9mm, 17

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UPC: 858763007121

Manufacturer: SAR USA

The SAR9BL is a black, 9mm, striker-fired polymer-frame pistol that offers a versatile and reliable option for personal and home defense. Equipped with an ambidextrous safety, it stands as an affordable yet high-quality alternative to more expensive models like GLOCK, HK, and Walther.

Model: SAR9BL

The SAR9 Full-Size 9mm pistol (SAR9BL), black version, is a formidable and reliable choice for those seeking a handgun suitable for both personal and home defense. Boasting an array of features and specifications, it stands as an affordable yet high-performing alternative to pricier counterparts like GLOCK, HK, and Walther. Notably, the pistol comes equipped with an ambidextrous safety, adding an extra layer of security for users. Below is a detailed summary covering its features, interesting characteristics, and performance metrics.

SAR9BL Features and Specifications

  • Origin: Developed in Turkey under a military contract for over 100,000 pistols.
  • Design: Original design, not a clone or copy of other handguns.
  • Frame: Striker-fired polymer-frame pistol.
  • Safety: Ambidextrous safety features. Also includes a firing-pin block.
  • Trigger: Bifurcated trigger with a lever in the center to prevent accidental firing if dropped.
  • Slide Lock and Magazine Release: Easily manipulated.
  • Magazines: Tapered, high-capacity 9mm magazines, two 17-round steel magazines included.
  • Light Rail: Modern light rail molded into the frame.
  • Backstraps and Side Panels: Changeable for customization.
  • Packaging: Comes in a hard plastic box with an instruction manual and cleaning rod.
  • Internals: Similar to GLOCK but definitely not a clone.

SAR9 GEN 1 Full-Size Interesting Features

  • Price: Affordable compared to competitors like GLOCK, HK, and Walther.
  • Red Insert Behind Trigger: Indicates when the trigger is ready to fire.
  • Changeable Side Panels: Unique for its price range.
  • Magazine Springs: Stout and reliable.

SAR9 Full-Size Performance

  • Overall Utility: Suitable for home defense, personal defense, and informal target shooting.
  • Reliability: Used in combat by the Turkish military and proved reliable.
  • Sights: Three-dot sights, properly regulated for 124-grain loads.
  • Trigger Weight: Heavier at about 5 pounds 14 ounces.
  • Accuracy: Good accurate shooting.

Additional Notes

  • Comparison: Considered superior in its price range, can hold its own against higher-priced competitors.
  • Operation: Standard double-action-only, striker-fired operation.
  • Ammo Preferences: Designed to use 124 grain NATO ammunition.

In conclusion, the Sarsilmaz SAR9 Full-Size 9mm pistol offers a compelling blend of affordability, reliability, and versatility, making it a strong contender in the realm of personal and home defense firearms. Its robust feature set and solid performance make it competitive with more expensive models. For those who prefer different aesthetics or functionality, the Full-Size SAR 9 is also available in an array of colors including platinum (SAR9PT), white (SAR9STORM), and bronze (SAR9BR), as well as a version without a manual safety. Mint Armory offers all SAR9 Full-Size models including GEN1, GEN2 and GEN3 versions. Overall, whether you’re an experienced shooter or a newcomer, the SAR 9 offers a range of options to suit various preferences and needs.

Additional information



Magazine Size




Trigger System

Single Action

Barrel Length

4.4 inch

Barrel Length Filter

4.00" to 4.99"


27.8 oz




Manual Ambidextrous


Low Profile Combat Sights








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