K245CST – SAR K2 45C Compact STAINLESS Body, STAINLESS Slide, 45 ACP, 13

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Only 1 left in stock

Only 1 left in stock

UPC: 858763007374

Manufacturer: SAR USA

Discover the SAR K2 45C in stainless steel, a blend of performance and durability. Inspired by the CZ 75, this compact handgun offers modern reliability with a sleek finish, ideal for both protection and target shooting. Experience top-tier firearms craftsmanship with the SAR K2 45C.

Model: K245CST

SAR K2 45 C Cartridge: The .45 ACP cartridge is designed for efficiency, boasting a low-pressure attribute that promotes extended weapon longevity.

Construction & Features:

  • Frame: Stainless steel with no plastic components.
  • Design: Compact, resembling the CZ 75 with some operational differences.
  • Safety & Operation: Can be carried with the hammer down and safety on. Features a double-action-first-shot mechanism and a manual safety.
  • Locking Mechanism: Uses barrel hood into the ejection port for lockup.
  • Grip: Comfortable grip with serrations on the back and front strap. Magazine holds 13 rounds.
  • Trigger: Double action is smooth; single action weighs in at about 5.1 pounds.
  • Slide Design: Features a design where the slide rides inside the frame on reverse rails, improving accuracy.
  • Sights & Accessories: Has a rail for mounting accessories. Fully adjustable rear sight.

K2 45 Compact Handling & Performance:

  • Reliability is emphasized with the gun performing flawlessly through several hundred rounds.
  • It’s efficient in rapid fire situations, with the shooter’s speed limited more by aiming than by trigger pulling.

Specifications of the Sarsilmaz SAR K2 45c:

  • Caliber: .45 ACP
  • Action: Locked breech DA/SA
  • Magazine Capacity: 13+1
  • Materials: Stainless Steel frame and slide
  • Barrel Length: 4.2 inches
  • Weight (empty): 38 ounces
  • Dimensions: Width – 1.3 inch; Overall length – 7.8 inches.

The SAR K2 45c stainless as a commendable choice for those interested in a big bore handgun, considering its combat accuracy, manageable recoil, and ammunition capacity. Alternately, the SAR K2 45C black edition offers a sleek and modern aesthetic for firearm enthusiasts. Visit the SAR K2 45 category page to find the complaint version as well as other sizes and finishes.

Additional information

Weight4 lbs


Magazine Size



.45 Auto

Trigger System

Single Action

Barrel Length

4.2 inch

Barrel Length Filter

4.00" to 4.99"


38 oz




Manual Safety


Low Profile Combat Sights






SAR: K2 45


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