Compliant SAR9 Compact GEN 3, 9mm, Platinum, 10 rounds | SAR9CG3PT10

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Only 2 left in stock

Only 2 left in stock

UPC: 810075873726

Manufacturer: SAR USA

The SAR USA Compliant SAR9C GEN 3 Platinum comes with two 10 round steel magazines. For non-restrictive states visit the SAR9 C GEN 3 Compact version that comes with two 15 round magazines. Visit the SAR9 Compact page to see all compact models.

Model: SAR9CG3PT10

How has the Compliant SAR9 C GEN 3 Platinum been improved in its latest iteration?

Immerse yourself in the refined elegance of the Compliant SAR9 C GEN 3, now available in a stunning Platinum finish (SKU: SAR9CG3PT10). This newly updated model introduces 5 significant enhancements, elevating the already exceptional attributes found in the previous SAR9 Compact iterations. A melding of exquisite form and ergonomic functionality, it promises an unrivaled experience straight out of the box, all at a price that respects your budget.

  • Optic Cut (Shield RMSc): Ensure a secure fit for your red dot, aiding in rapid target acquisition and bolstering accuracy with the Shield RMSc optic cut.
  • Co-witness Iron Sights: Benefit from specially designed iron sights, providing a robust co-witnessing setup that guarantees sustained accuracy even in the face of optic failure.
  • Tritium Night Sight: Navigate low-light conditions with ease thanks to a vivid green front sight, ensuring your target remains in clear view at all times.
  • Cerakote coating Slide with Serrations: The platinum Cerakote coated slide that ensures smooth operation, while the supplementary serrations promise enhanced grip and racking efficiency.
  • Flat Trigger with Center Safety Lever: Enjoy the assurance of a sleek, flat trigger design, featuring a center safety lever that promises a consistently smooth pull and user-safe operational conditions.

The SAR9 C GEN 3, in its gleaming Platinum finish, stands as a testament to the seamless fusion of practicality and affordability, promising superior handling and performance that doesn’t compromise on financial accessibility. Navigate the realm of compact yet potent handguns with this freshly enhanced model, paving your way to a refined, peerless shooting experience. Explore all color options and model variations on our SAR9 Compact page.

Additional information



Magazine Size




Trigger System

Single Action

Barrel Length

4 inch

Barrel Length Filter

4.00" to 4.99"


26.8 oz




No Mechanical Safety


Co-witness Iron Night Sights








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