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UPC: 858763007381

Manufacturer: SAR USA

K12 Sport Features & Design:

  • The K12 is a short-recoil-operated, locked-breech, semi-automatic pistol made from stainless steel.
  • It has a three-tone finish: matte-silver, matte-black, and gunmetal gray.
  • The slide rests within the frame and is fully supported by 7.4″-long rails.
  • The slide has anti-glare grooves and canted cocking serrations, with a metallic sighting system.
  • The 4.7″ target-grade barrel is polished with traditional rifling.
  • The gun has a gunmetal-gray aluminum stock, flared and beveled magazine-well extension.

Model: K12STSPT

SAR K12 Sport

The SAR K12 Sport is a stylish and user-friendly semi-automatic pistol that is perfect for inexperienced shooters looking to develop their skills. With its 9×19 mm caliber, it is designed to handle the popular 9mm round effectively.

This pistol boasts an array of features that make it comfortable and easy to use. It has interchangeable aluminum grip panels that provide a custom fit for your hand, and a precision CNC machined forged steel frame and slide for durability and accuracy. The overall empty weight of 46.9 oz makes the pistol easy to handle and effectively absorbs the recoil from firing 9mm rounds. The SAR K12 Sport X weighs in at 41.2 oz due to serrated slide and the omission of the magwell.

The SAR K12 Sport also has a crowned precision target barrel, which contributes to its accuracy. It comes with adjustable rear iron sights and removable front sights, allowing you to customize the pistol to your preferences. The ergonomic trigger guard and crisp single action trigger system ensure a smooth shooting experience, while the manual ambidextrous safety lever provides an extra layer of safety for both left- and right-handed users.

The pistol has a generous capacity of 17 rounds in each of the two included steel double-stack magazines. Additionally, the skeletonized hammer and backstrap checkering add to its stylish design and comfortable grip.

In terms of dimensions, the SAR K12 Sport has a total length of 8.5 inches, a width of 1.3 inches, a height of 5.9 inches, and a barrel length of 4.7 inches. This pistol’s design is based on the proven CZ-75 platform, with the slide riding inside the frame rail for improved accuracy. Manufactured by SAR USA, a subsidiary of SARSILMAZ, this pistol has undergone rigorous testing to ensure its reliability in the field.

In summary, the SAR K12 Sport is an excellent choice for beginners, offering a combination of style, comfort, and performance in a user-friendly package. Visit our SAR K12 page to view all models including the compliant versions.

The CZ 75, originating from the Czech Republic in 1975, is an iconic semi-automatic pistol that has amassed a dedicated following and has served as a benchmark for countless subsequent designs. As a testament to its foundational impact on the firearms industry, many manufacturers have sought inspiration from the CZ 75’s design, and Sarsilmaz’s K12 Sport is a notable derivation.

How the K12 Sport is Derived from the CZ 75:

  • Design Inspiration: The K12’s fundamental design and functional mechanics closely mirror the CZ 75’s blueprint. The short-recoil-operated, locked-breech semi-automatic nature of the K12 is a direct nod to the CZ 75’s pioneering mechanism.
  • Slide Integration: Like the CZ 75, the K12 Sport features a slide that rests within the frame, as opposed to wrapping over it. This design choice provides a tighter fit, reducing play and improving accuracy.

Improvements in the K12 Sport Over the Original CZ 75:

  • Material Upgrade: One of the most significant upgrades the K12 Sport boasts is its transition from the carbon-steel alloy commonly found in many CZ 75 models to stainless steel. This change augments durability, resistance to corrosion, and overall longevity.
  • Three-Tone Finish: While the CZ 75 is renowned for its sleek and functional aesthetics, the K12 Sport has further refined its visual appeal. The pistol features a tri-color palette, composed of matte-silver stainless steel, matte-black metallic sights and controls, and gunmetal gray aluminum components, resulting in a gun that’s as eye-catching as it is efficient.
  • Enhanced Sighting System: The K12 Sport comes with canted cocking serrations at both the front and rear of the slide. Its metallic sighting system has been upgraded to include a serrated blade up front and a fully adjustable, square-notch target sight at the back.
  • Barrel Refinement: The K12’s 4.7-inch target-grade barrel is a manifestation of enhanced craftsmanship, brightly polished and crafted with traditional land-and-groove rifling. This not only supports accuracy but also facilitates the safe use of unjacketed lead bullets.
  • Competition-Grade Trigger: While many CZ 75 models utilize double-action/single-action triggers, the K12 Sport is equipped with a single-action-only competition trigger. This modification ensures a crisper, more consistent trigger pull, crucial for competitive scenarios.
  • Modern Ergonomics: The K12 Sport’s grip frame, aluminum panels, and extended magazine-well are specifically designed for modern competitive shooting scenarios, which the original CZ 75, being a product of the 1970s, might not address directly.

In essence, while the CZ 75’s legacy is indisputable, the K12 Sport showcases how classic design can be harmoniously merged with modern innovations, bringing about a firearm that pays homage to its origins while pushing the boundaries of contemporary performance.

Additional information



Magazine Size




Trigger System

Single Action

Barrel Length

4.7 inch

Barrel Length Filter

4.00" to 4.99"


46.9 oz


Full-size Sport


Manual Ambidextrous


Low Profile Combat Sights






SAR: K12


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