SAR K12 Sport X STAINLESS, 9mm Pistol, 17+1 | K12STSPTX

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UPC: 850020252015

Manufacturer: SAR USA

The SAR K12 Sport X is a refined version of the esteemed SAR K12 Sport semi-automatic pistol. Crafted for the 9×19 mm caliber round, this model is distinguished by its steel serrated slide, specifically designed to enhance accuracy and significantly decrease recoil. Weighing in at a streamlined 41.2 oz due to the exclusion of the magwell, the Sport X comes equipped with two 17-round steel double-stack magazines. While it maintains key features from the standard model, such as interchangeable aluminum grip panels and a CNC machined forged steel build, the Sport X is anchored in the proven CZ-75 platform. A harmonious fusion of aesthetics, ergonomic comfort, and impeccable performance, this pistol is a favored choice for shooters of all experience levels.

Model: K12STSPTX

SAR K12 Sport X from SAR USA

The SAR K12 Sport X is an upgraded version of the already impressive SAR K12 Sport. The K12 Sport X features additional enhancements that make it even more appealing to inexperienced shooters looking to develop their skills. This semi-automatic pistol is designed to handle the popular 9×19 mm caliber round, providing both accuracy and ease of use.

In addition to the features of the SAR K12 Sport, the Sport X version offers a steel serrated slide for improved accuracy and faster cooling. This lightened serrated slide also results in reduced recoil, further enhancing the pistol’s accuracy and overall shooting experience. In this version of the SAR K12, the magwell has been removed to reduce weight..  Out of the box, this model includes two steel double-stack magazines, each with a capacity of 17 rounds.

K12 Sport X Notable Features

The SAR K-12 Sport X has an empty weight of 41.2 oz, making it even lighter than the standard version, which contributes to its ease of handling and recoil absorption. The pistol’s other features remain the same, including the interchangeable aluminum grip panels, precision CNC machined forged steel frame and slide, crowned precision target barrel, adjustable rear iron sights, removable front sights, ergonomic trigger guard, crisp single action trigger system, manual ambidextrous safety lever, skeletonized hammer, and backstrap checkering.

In terms of dimensions, the SAR K-12 Sport X shares the same measurements as the standard model, with a total length of 8.5 inches, a width of 1.3 inches, a height of 5.9 inches, and a barrel length of 4.7 inches. Based on the proven CZ-75 platform, with the slide riding inside the frame rail, the SAR K12 Sport X ensures improved accuracy and reliability on the field.

To sum up, the SAR K12 Sport X is an excellent choice for beginners and experienced shooters alike, offering a combination of style, comfort, and performance, with additional features that enhance accuracy, ease of use, and overall shooting experience.  Visit our category page to view both version of the SAR K12; including the compliant version with a magazine of 10 rounds.

Additional information



Magazine Size




Trigger System

Single Action

Barrel Length

4.7 inch

Barrel Length Filter

4.00" to 4.99"


41.2 oz


Full-size Sport


Manual Ambidextrous


Low Profile Combat Sights






SAR: K12


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