Compliant SAR9 SC GEN 2 Black, Subcompact, 9mm, 10+10 Rounds | SAR9SCG2BL10

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In stock

UPC: 810075873221

Manufacturer: SAR USA

The compliant SAR9 SC GEN 2 Black Subcompact 9mm striker-fired single action pistols comes with two 10-round steel magazines. Visit the the SAR9 Subcompact page to view all models available.

Model: SAR9SCG2BL10

The compliant SAR9 Subcompact black comes with two 10-round steel magazines.  For the regular high-capacity magazine versions follow the links: SAR9 SC GEN 2 Black, SAR9 SC GEN 2 Bronze, SAR9 SC GEN 2 OD Green, and SAR9 SC GEN 2 Platinum – each model is meticulously engineered to cater to the astute shooter who demands both reliability and aesthetic appeal. This compact powerhouse is not just a statement in craftsmanship; it’s a testament to versatility, coming equipped with a suite of upgrades for improved accuracy, efficiency, and adaptability under any circumstances.

SAR9 SC GEN 2 Black Subcompact SAR9SCG2BL

Cutting-edge features common to all SAR9 SC GEN 2 finishes:

  1. Optic Cut (Shield RMSc Compatible):
    • Each SAR9 Subcompact variant boasts a pre-machined cut compatible with the Shield RMSc red dot sight, expanding your optic possibilities. Compatibility isn’t limited; our extensive testing confirms a perfect fit with Holosun models 407k and 507k, ensuring users have access to a wide array of top-tier optic selections. This feature facilitates rapid, precise, and intuitive target engagement.
  2. Standard Height Iron Sights:
    • Stay prepared and adaptable with the iron sights, a feature that harmonizes your red dot and iron sights. This integration allows for an immediate, smooth transition in the event of primary optic failure, maintaining accuracy and boosting your tactical edge.
  3. Tritium Night Sight:
    • The models are equipped with a prominent green Tritium front night sight paired with a non-distracting, blacked-out rear sight, a combination that promotes concentrated focus on the front sight for enhanced visibility and accuracy in low-light conditions.
  4. DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) Coated Slide with Enhanced Serrations:
    • Durability meets functionality in the slide’s Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating, a material revered for its superior hardness, wear resistance, and friction-reducing qualities. Coupled with thoughtfully designed serrations for an improved grip, the slide promises impeccable racking and handling, even in the most challenging environments.
  5. Flat Trigger with Center Safety Lever:
    • Precision and comfort are at the forefront with the SAR9’s flat trigger, guaranteeing a smooth, consistent pull throughout operation. The center safety lever is a fundamental feature that significantly reduces the risk of accidental discharge, providing a perfect blend of accuracy and safety.

Compliant SAR9 SC GEN 2 Black

The SAR9 Subcompact series reimagines tactical efficiency with its trio of finishes, each designed to suit the unique tastes of discerning enthusiasts. Beyond a tool for defense, professional duty, or tactical operations, the SAR9 models in Bronze, OD Green, and Platinum finishes are a bold statement of style and performance, ready to deliver when it matters most. Visit Mint Armory SAR9 Subcompact page to view all versions and finishes.

Additional information

Weight4 lbs


Magazine Size




Trigger System

Single Action, Striker-Fired

Barrel Length

3.3 inch

Barrel Length Filter

3.00" to 3.99"


22.2 oz




No Mechanical Safety


Standard Height Night Sights








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